Stephanie Alys

I’m Stephanie Alys

I’m a leading authority on sexual health and wellbeing.

As a founder of MysteryVibe, I spent over 5 years crafting pleasure hardware, building a kickass sextech brand, and smashing taboos into tiny pieces.

I took MV from concept to million dollar revenues, shipped to over 55 countries and helped raise over $4m in investment.

I’ve been featured in the BBC, The Times, Guardian, and Techcrunch, amongst many others. I also won the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 2018. Fancy.

Now, I’m turning my attention to the broader health & wellbeing sector.

Let’s picture Stephanie Alys holding the modern designer sex toy aloft as a kind of Statue of Liberty, welcoming the huddled masses of so many unsatisfied women yearning to break free sexually, as fireworks burst in the sky behind her.
— The Times

Let’s work together. 

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brand building

I build brands that are bold enough to challenge the status quo.  Radical enough to capture hearts and minds. Conscientious enough to put people and the planet first.

Futurist trend analysis


I dare to look beyond superficial trends, bland trinkets, or shady science. I’m passionate about inventing and building next generation products that are human-centric.

Sex innovation


How is digital changing human interaction, experience, and sexuality? I speak on global technology stages from London to Hyderabad, and from San Francisco to Hong Kong.