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Stephanie's keynote speeches explore the intersection between intimacy, innovation, technology and societal progress. 

Drawing on her extensive experience in strategic communications, management consultancy and futurism, she'll provoke your audience to re-evaluate their conception of the future of intimacy and human connection.

Stephanie Alys

innovation, logic and geek chic

From chess prodigy to Management Consultant to sextech guru. 

Entrepreneur and business strategist, Stephanie began her journey as a chess star - playing internationally for England. She now sells pleasure products into over 55 countries, and was selected as Top 5 for Management Today's 35 under 35 women 2017.

Her story merges the corporate with the creative - of how she made the most taboo industry into a viable, lifestyle business. She challenges conventional wisdom on business building, and shares the secrets of innovating an entire new category.



the future of intimacy and technology

The way society talks about pleasure and intimacy is changing.

With the nascent sextech market already estimated to be worth $30bn in 2016, we're on the edge of a technological and cultural shift that will redefine sex and intimacy. How can we harness this huge potential to improve our relationships?

Stephanie will discuss the latest sextech developments and examinesocioeconomictrends, taking a deepdive into your preferred topic (VR, robotics, health etc). 

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data, security and sextech

Smart sex toys are coming. In fact, they’re already here.

Across every aspect of our lives, we agree to the collection, storage and usage of our personal data. But when it comes to sex... it all gets a bit too personal. And yet, the sextech industry is moving towards digital at an unprecedented pace.

With high-profile hacks hitting the headlines, why do we think differently about data when it comes to sex? What’s the future of sex, technology & security? And what should we expect and demand of companies operating within the sextech space?

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